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Believe it or not, a common looking pigeon named New Kim from Belgium sold for a staggering $1.9 million! This champion racing pigeon isn't your average street bird. Discover the world of high-stakes pigeon racing and the record-breaking sale of New Kim, the most expensive pigeon ever sold.

If you want to buy this pair of pigeons then yes you will have to spend more than 03 million dollars.

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New Kim: The $1.9 Million Pigeon
The World of High-Stakes Pigeon Racing
Meet New Kim: The Champion Racing Pigeon
Inside the Record-Breaking Sale of New Kim
The Most Expensive Pigeon Ever Sold
Believe It or Not: New Kim's $1.9 Million Sale
Uncovering the World of Champion Racing Pigeons
New Kim: From Common Bird to Million-Dollar Champion
The Astonishing World of High-Stakes Pigeon Racing
New Kim: The Extraordinary Story of a $1.9 Million Pigeon
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