My technique training homing Pigeons 2024

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Just a quick note that when you’re training your flock in the beginning, usually the birds have to be about six weeks old and you start taking them a mile away from your loft after they have been flying in and out of your loft around the house for at least a month this allows the bird to get use to Their surroundings, land, markings, and things like that they will instinctively be drawn to the loft because they know that’s where food is and safety and also this is where they breed. I started doing this with city Pigeons when I was 12 years old  I’m now 52 years old and I’ve gotten a lot better at this???? I will be uploading future videos, especially when I’m doing my spring training with the young (Birds .. stay tuned. Also, you can watch these videos below of mine thank you for your support

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