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This cock is close relative of two iconic pigeons of Bart Geerinckx, “Gladiator” and “Wittekop Sylvester”.
“Wittekop Sylvester” is top class breeder and his offspring won:
"Sweety": 9º NAT. ACE KBD Great middle distance KBDB 2013 & candidate Olympic pigeon 2015
"Miss Limoges": 2º NAT. Limoges 17.498 p
"Argento": 2º BAT. Argenton 5.208 p
"Black Lady": 2º NAT. Argenton 16.383 p and 2º NAT. Zone Bourges 5.333 p
"Miss Argenton": 1º and 2º Prov. Argenton and Montlucon
"Super Willy": 1º Prov. Chateauroux 2.576 (fastest 6.899 p.)
"Miss Le Mans": 1º Provincial Le Mans
"Bonkje": 1º ACE Union Antwerp long distance 2013
"First Lady": 2º NAT. ACE Belgium over 4 National Young Bird Races in 2008
"Black Sylvie": 2º NAT. Zone Chateauroux
"Lucio": 1º NAT. Zone Bourges 4.130 p
"Gladiator" won:
2° OLYMPIC Pigeon 2005
3° NAT. ACE Pigeon KBDB 2004
"Gladiator" is father and grandfather of fantastic pigeons, like:
“Miss Magic": OLYMPIC Pigeon Nitra 2013 and 5º NAT. ACE Great middle distance KBDB 2011
"Acy": Candidate to win 1º OLYMPIC Pigeon 2015 and 2º NAT. ACE Great middle distance KBD8 2013
"Limoges": 1º NAT. Limoges 11.869 p 2010
"Best Daughter”: 1º NAT. Zone Chateauroux
“My Favourite": 11º-14º-20º NAT. average 16.000 p.
"Blue Fantasy": 1º Prov. Chateauroux 1.762 p. and 3 times top 25 NAT.
"Geschifte": 1º and 3º NAT. Zone Argenton and Montlucon
"Miss Glady": 1º Prov. Vierzon 1.314 p
"Darling": fastest provincial pigeon Dourdan 10.612 p
"Glamour": 3º Prov. Chateauroux 2.611 p and mother of “Acy"

Father is “Half Brother Blauw Lientje”, grandson of “Wittekop Sylvester” and brother of “Blauw Lientje”, that won:
1º NAT. Cheateauroux 2019 2.850 p
4º Pt. St. Maxense 324 p
9º Melun 1.681 p
16º Bourges 4.546 p
38° NAT. Bourges 5.831 p
44° NAT. Bourges 12.449 p
99° NAT. Chateauroux 2.558 p
“Half Brother Blauw Lientje” is also son of “Stryfke”, granddaughter of super pigeons, like "Zwarte Diamant", a top breeder of Bart van Oeckel. “Stryfke” is mother of “Blauw Lientje” and granddaughter of 2° NAT. Argenton.

Mother is “Grandchild Gladiator 100”, granddaughter of “Gladiator” from father’ side and of “Wittekop Sylvester” from mother’ side.
“Grandchild Gladiator” is daughter of “Brother Glamour and Lieve”, son of “Gladiator” paired with “Schoon Witp Willyke” and brother of “Lieve”, mother of “Porsche 911”, the super pigeon of PIPA Elite Center.
“Porsche 911” won:
5º NAT. Ace Pigeon GMD KBDB 2015
8° NAT. ACE Pigeon long distance
7º NAT. Châteauroux 25.617 p
11º NAT. Bourge 21.484 p
38º NAT. Argenton 5.327 p
52º NAT. Montlucon 16.982 p
1º Soissons 154 p
7º Montargis 299 p
14º Momignies 348 p
31º Soissons 465 p
36º Soissons 442 p
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