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Congratulations to Bill Young of Byfleet: 1st section G Berwick BBC National (only 3 birds on day)

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Toegevoegd by Marvin Sanders in Engels
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Congratulations to Bill Young of Byfleet for his great performance in the BBC Berwick (323 miles) National race on 28th June 2021. It was a bad weekend, with the 945 birds entered being liberated at 05.30hrs on the Monday morning. Day pigeons were far and few between and Bill clocked his good natural blue chequer cock, ‘Mott the Hoople’ after nearly eleven and a half hours on the wing, to win section G by two hours, with only three birds being clocked in the section on the day of liberation. ‘Mott the Hoople’ recorded 1st Sect G, 50th open BBC Berwick and in the previous season flew Narbonne and Bordeaux. A wonderful performance! This game cock was bred by us at ‘Foxwarren Lofts’ from our wonderful Number 6 stock pair, ‘Foxwarren Renegade’ and ‘Thelma’, who are from the very best Eric Cannon and Brian Denney long distance bloodlines. ‘Renegade’ raced through to Nantes before going in the stock team and is a son of our champion ‘Bourges Pair’, and ‘Thelma’ was bred by Brian Denney from his Champion ‘Brian’s Blue’. Our Number 6 stock pair have bred several premier winners, including Bill Young’s ‘Mott the Hoople’ and Terry Haley’s good blue chequer hen, ‘Madam Mott’ winner of: 2019 as a young bird, 2nd sect, 12th open BBC Fougeres National, 6th Inter Counties Federation Lyndhurst (1,901 birds), 5th section, 16th open BICC Fougeres National (1,944 birds). The 2020 season saw ‘Madam Mott’ record 32nd UBI Combine Falaise (925 birds) before returning home from a race a couple of weeks late damaged and was stopped for the rest of the season. Some other positions won by birds bred from ‘Foxwarren Renegade’ and Thelma’ are: 5th Inter Counties Federation Carentan (899 birds), 9th UBI Combine Carentan (1,263 birds), 15th Inter Counties Federation Poitiers and 60th open BBC Fougeres National. Well done to Bill Young on his brilliant performance from the really hard Berwick National race! (July 2021)

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