How to train pigeons? - Secrets and Revelations ???????? ENGLISH VERSION ????????

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Are racing pigeons put into competitions, overnight?
To be classified as winners, shouldn't they be prepared and have followed a daily training session?
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Racing pigeon
Belgium racing pigeon
Carrier pigeon
Homer pigeon
Consanguinity and crossing racing pigeon
Consanguinity and crossing carrier pigeon
Consanguinity and crossing homer pigeon
Messenger pigeon
Different pigeons
Eye Sign In racing pigeon
Eye secret racing pigeon
Eye secret carrier pigeon
Eye secret homer pigeon
Racing pigeon long distance
Carrier pigeon long distance
Homer pigeon long distance
Racing pigeon eye sign
Carrier pigeon eye sign
Homer pigeon eye sign
Eyes of champion flyers and breeders
Eyes of champion racing pigeons
Eyes of champion carrier pigeons
Eyes of Racing pigeons
Eyes of carrier pigeons
Loft ventilation
Loft racing pigeon
Belgium Loft racing pigeon
Belgian Loft racing pigeon
Australia Loft racing pigeon
Canada Loft racing pigeon
Ireland Loft racing pigeon
Jamaica Loft racing pigeon
Malta Loft racing pigeon
New Zealand Loft racing pigeon
United Kingdom Loft racing pigeon
United States of America Loft racing pigeon
Loft carrier pigeon
Loft homer pigeon
Loft messenger pigeon
Different Loft pigeons
Racing pigeon Loft
Carrier pigeon Loft
Homer pigeon Loft
Belgium racing pigeon
Belgian racing pigeon
Australia racing pigeon
Canada racing pigeon
Ireland racing pigeon
Jamaica racing pigeon
Malta racing pigeon
New Zealand racing pigeon
United Kingdom racing pigeon
United States of America racing pigeon
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