Jason Vardess ‘Inbred Vardy From topbreeder Racing Pigeon Jason x 3. final winner Vardess

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Frits & Wytse Mantel (NL)
Vardy Special
Frits and Wyste Mantel decided to focus on One Loft Racing several years ago. With the Vardy bloodline - winner of 1st NPO Issoudun 751km himself - successes were quickly realized on their new favorite discipline. Frits and Wyste had an excellent season in 2022, winning three Top 10 spots in Finals of large One Loft Races. Despite the fact that Frits and Wytse participate with a limited number of pigeons, they are regularly found at the top of the charts. For years they have strongly selected their own stock of pigeons to build up the current colony. In 2022, Vardess, daughter of Vardy, won 3rd Final Corabia Winter OLR. Child of Jason, top breeder and inbred to Vardy, won 9th Final & 4th Ace Pigeon Sofia OLR. A grandchild of Vardy, Alexio, won 7th Final Algarve Golden Race. In this auction, special children of these super breeders will become available. A unique chance to purchase pigeons from this exclusive OLR loft!

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