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Video 472: A film tribute to Champion "Culmer Gold": One of the 'all time greats' of the NFC.

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Toegevoegd by Marvin Sanders in Engels
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CHAMPION ‘CULMER GOLD': Bred & raced by Eric & Pat Cannon of Godalming. This great old cock must have been rated as one of the greatest long distance racers in the world when he was alive by recording 1st club, 2nd Surrey Federation, 9th open SMT Combine Niort (340 miles); 1st club, 3rd Surrey Federation, 11th open S.M.T. Combine Bergerac (440 miles); 21st, 70th, 83rd, 103rd, 111th, open Pau NFC (540 miles) winning the NFC Pau ‘Merit Award’ and in one season recorded 163rd open Nantes NFC to win the best average from Nantes and Pau in the NFC. The wonderful 'Culmer Gold’. (March 2021)

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