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Video 476: A film tribute to Champion "Nightlight Nancy": One of the 'all time greats' of the NFC

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Toegevoegd by Marvin Sanders in Engels
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CHAMPION “NIGHTLIGHT NANCY”: Bred & Raced by Ron Wasey. Ron was without a doubt one of the best pigeon fanciers I’ve met, winning many premier positions in combine, classic and national over many years. He only sent to Pau four times in his pigeon career, the first time winning 1st open NFC Pau, the second time winning 4th open NFC Pau, the third time he didn’t clock in and the fourth time in the 2002 season, when he chalked up 1st open London & South East Classic Club from Pau. Brilliant pigeon racing! The 1981 NFC Pau ‘King’s Cup’ race had a record entry of over 6,000 birds and Ron won the race with his wonderful blue hen, Champion ‘Nightlight Nancy’, who incidentally passed away at 22 years of age. This was his first attempt at Pau, 553 miles and the hen was sitting on 14 day old eggs, being liberated at 06.00hrs, and was clocked at 18.45hrs on the day of liberation. Previous to winning the Pau National, ‘Nancy’, who was bred from birds off H. J. Humphrey of Tottenham and Roy Drake of Catford, won several premier positions including: 1980: 2nd club, 2nd Federation, 5th open Combine Dax, with only two birds clocked in the Federation on the day of liberation. (April 2021)

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