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Video 487: The "Shed" Recording Sessions (1969): Rock n' Roll Photo Show : Keith Read & Keith Mott

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Toegevoegd by Marvin Sanders in Engels
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The “Shed” Recording Sessions (1969): Featuring Keith Read on guitar and vocals, and Keith Mott on drums.: In the late 1960’s we built a recording studio in my parents garden in Durlston Road, Kingston and when we were not out on the road with the Impalas, Keith Read and I spent time in there working. Keith did the vocals and over dubbed the guitar parts, I played drums and our late friend, Charlie Chaplin, guested on some of the tracks with guitar. After 50 year, eight tracks survived on acetate records, being stored in a cupboard in Keith Read’s house. This photo show film features some of those 1969 ‘Shed’ recording studio tracks. Wonderful memories for Keith and me! (May 2021)

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