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2014 Pigeon Breeding Project - Naples 700 Bloodline - Loft Update

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Toegevoegd by Marvin Sanders in Engels
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I would like to share with you guys a video about our own local line of racing pigeons known as the "700's" that my brothers Pioneered in Florida and have won countless local races and many other racing events. While everyone in Southwest Florida knows the birds specially in the Naples Club little knowledge has been translated into English as the Spanish language dominates the sport here. I am very passionate about this bloodline and as a child remember my brothers on race day pointing at a bird and screaming "Mira! La setecientos!" in English, "look my 700!" this childhood memory stays with me and I today want to make you guys have the same experience we had with these birds. The best thing about this bloodline is how well it preserves itself as even birds 4 and 5 generations down keep showing up first on the local race sheets. This year already one 700 bird was first for the Naples Club and many more of these birds will continue to show up front page as many breeders locally establish their lofts with this bloodline. I fell honored to have 2 direct birds from 700, that I am going to inbreed and these are the absolute best ones. My brother has a few other close relatives to this original 700 that may also be part of my project soon. The goal is simple, to preserve and spread this local legend to different parts of the country and give others a chance at these top quality birds. Just like my brothers own line there are many other local movements within the state the deserve credit. If I have a chance to interview these guys it would be an honor. This year in particular racers from Tampa and another from Miami took the GHC classic by storm. While our movement is not as strong as these, it is nonetheless noteworthy, thus the video. I cant stress enough how much I appreciate the pigeon bloodlines that are Florida's own gift to the sport. For many years my brothers dominated the sport locally and undoubtedly this bloodline has been the reason. And I cant forget to mention that birds with GFL bands are also there producing prized winners. I believe there is another bloodline known as 700 somewhere else in the country, not to be mistaken with. in a few of those years mentioned my brothers had 12 birds in the AU as detailed more closely on another one of my videos.

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