20230502 Consultation on Framework for Community Institutions and Industry Partnership

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IFHD in partnership with CRB has developed the framework for FPO-Industry Partnership guided by Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The majority of the UN SDGs have a direct impact on agriculture and they also form the bedrock of this unique framework. Out of the 247 indicators under the 17 SDGs, we identified 73 indicators that have direct impact on communities in rural India specially small and marginal farmers. This Consultation explores the importance of widespread adoption of the framework to strengthen and sustain FPO-industry partnerships with the goal of improved performance of SDGs in Rural India.
Main Topics:
1. Framework's relevance/applicability on key stakeholders-community institutions (like Farmer Producer Organisations -FPO), industry, government, NGOs
2. Discussion on diagnostic tool used for FPO capacity assessment
3. Importance of multistakeholder partnerships for piloting the framework in rural India
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