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280 Miles Pigeon Race - Racing Pigeons Fly At 60MPH!!! RACE#5

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Toegevoegd by Marvin Sanders in Engels
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With Champion Loft and Average Speed on the line, Luis Ochoa needs his young pigeons to win this race, but it soon becomes clear that doing so could be impossible when other fanciers start to clock and he fails to do so. It soon becomes apparent that this is one of the fastest 280 mile pigeon races this area has ever seen, with the top winning bird averaging just under 60MPH in flight. Doing so in less than 5 hours. Racing Pigeons are amazing birds! As soon as they return, they go outside in the sun to hang out on the landing board as if they had not just flown 280 miles in a few hours. Also, 30 pigeons were sent, and 30 pigeons returned.

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