Always In The Top In Races Great Racing Pigeon Sold Out In AviRings Pigeon Auction

Dovital uw gezondheid- en vitaliteitbevorderende producten
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DV-2023-01367-621 so interesting how this hen performed. Look at the graph!

Always in the top of the top, in top 5%! What happened 2. race and 5. race? Maybe she overreact on some bird of prey attack? We cannot image something else. But she is a young pigeon, she showed she can fly in the top most of the tim that is most important!

Perfect hen, good in the hand! We don't need to talk about the pedigree, there are very known names like: Pipas BK, Hardy Kruger, Debacker...

01367-621 won:

59/1724 pigeons- 3%
58/1627 pigeons-4%
26/1466 pigeons- 2%
39/826 pigeons - 5%
Certainly, amazing hen, enrichment for every breeding loft!

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