Barcelona 2022 long-distance pigeon race// Barcelona 2022 racing pigeons

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Barcelona racing pigeons

Investigating the intelligence of pigeons in the Barcelona competition

The power of returning birds depends on three important factors

1- Memory, which is the most important and takes the first place, and the magnetic fields that the bird sees around the earth are recorded and sent to the long-term memory (and the ability of birds to return is in the power of their long-term memory)

2- Pigeon's eye is effective in detecting and distinguishing light and seeing magnetic fields and in recognizing signs around the nest such as mountains, trees, etc.

3- Pigeon's sense of smell, which is not effective at long distances, for example 200 km, but is effective at a few kilometers close to the nest.

* The research conducted on racing pigeons has proven that the eye color of pigeons has no effect on the distance

Because a pigeon with different eye color (red, black, etc.) has returned from a long distance.

In 2013, there were 25,382 birds participating, of which only 745 birds were saved and 24,637 birds were destroyed. The champion bird was from Belgium, which covered a distance of 1057,761 kilometers at a speed of 944.29 meters per minute.

In 2014, 21,143 birds participated, of which 1,391 birds walked and 19,752 birds died. The champion bird from the Netherlands walked a distance of 1,258,697 kilometers with a speed of 1,488.76 meters per minute.

In 2015, 19,083 birds participated, of which 1,699 birds walked and 17,384 birds were destroyed. The champion bird from France walked a distance of 917,056 kilometers at a speed of 1150.51 meters per minute.

In 2016, 17,732 birds participated, of which 1,884 birds walked and about 15,848 birds were destroyed. The champion bird from Germany walked a distance of 981,847 kilometers at a speed of 1250.20 meters per minute.

And in 2017, there were 17,094 birds participating, and only 1,573 birds succeeded and 15,521 birds were lost. The champion bird from the Netherlands traveled a distance of 1148,177 kilometers with a speed of 882.56 meters per minute. .

From this comparison, we conclude that the Barcelona marathon is one of the most difficult marathons in the world for racing pigeons, and the pigeons that manage to reach the nest are among the best in the world.

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