Blackpool Racing Pigeon Show Tour. January 21, 2023

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This video is a tour of the Blackpool Show. In 2023 due to Avian Influenza there were no pigeons allowed into the Winter Gardens where the show and exhibits take place. Usually there are endless racing pigeons for sale in the arena and hundreds of pigeons competing in the show. Fancy pigeon breeds are normally represented with every possible strain. The number of venders were reduced due to the pigeon restrictions.

We go for the auctions which are held in the hotels around town. Normally there are up to 50 racing pigeon auctions throughout the weekend. This year the pigeons were displayed outside of the quarantine zone and the auctions were held in the hotels as normal. We bought the pigeons from the sales list and photos. We did have the opportunity to handle the birds two hours before the sale.

The most famous in the racing pigeon sport can be found in Blackpool and I hope you enjoy some of the photos I mixed in of Les Green, M & C Hansen, Milly's Loft, Peter Fox, Rik Herman, Stuart Wilcox, Gino Clicque, Jane Mitchell, Malik and Khan, Martin de Kruijf and Mr. Price to name a few.

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