Breeding Update and New Contest, Win a 2023 Young Bird

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2023 Breeding Update & a New Contest to win a 2023 Young Bird from anywhere in the world* #pigeonracing #worldwide #youngbirds #win #breeding #pigeon #contest #winner

In order to win you must guess correctly the colors of the babies from the pairs i showed on the video: pair 10, 17, 18, 20. Please comment the colors you think those babies will be for each pair. The one with most correct colors guessed will win. If we have more than 1 person I will do a raffle to pick the winner. Best of luck!

You can win the bird from anywhere in the world. You can pick a baby from these pairs: 2, 3,4, 8, 11, 15, 17, 18 if you win. To see their pedigrees and summary go to my Community Tab on my YouTube Channel or click on this link:
Thank you in advance for participating.

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Without your comments, your opinions, you sharing of your experiences, there wouldn't be a Maydis Loft Pigeon Racing channel!! Please feel free to make suggestions or recommendations on topics, content, and information you would like to see and/or to find out more about. I can use it to create videos and/or to touch base on the aspects you would like to see. Thank YOU.

A little about Maydis Loft. I'm Silvio Oliveira and I live in Long Branch, NJ, USA. I have been breeding and racing pigeons since 2021. Here are those seasons results:
A) 2021 YB Season: Bayshore Club (9 lofts & 150 p+), South Section (55 lofts & 1,000 p+), CJC Combine (196 lofts & 3,300 p+)
-- a) Average Speed: placed 1st at Bayshore Club, 2nd South Section, 25th Combine
-- b) Champion Loft: placed 1st Bayshore Club, 1st South Section, 15th Combine
-- c) Champion Bird: 1st Bayshore Club, 1st South Section (with 7 birds on top 24), 7th Combine (with 6 birds on top 95)
B) 2022 YB Season: Bayshore Club (9 lofts & 100 p+), South Section (48 lofts & 900 p+), CJC Combine (161 lofts & 2,700 p+)
-- a) Average Speed: placed 1st at Bayshore Club, 1st South Section, 1st Combine
-- b) Champion Loft: placed 1st Bayshore Club, 1st South Section, 12th Combine
-- c) Champion Bird: 1st Bayshore Club, 1st South Section (with 14 birds on top 36), 20th Combine (with 8 birds on top 68)
C) 2022 Specials - Money Races
-- a) Paterson Sprint - 250 Miles, 330 p./34 lofts - 2nd, 18th, 19th, 60th, 69th, etc.
-- b) Paterson Air Derby - 350 Miles, 332 p./47 lofts - 41st, 52nd, 77th
-- c) Paterson 2 Bird Derby - 350 Miles, 48 p./24 lofts - 13th, 14th
-- d) Hudson County - 350 Miles, 439 p./49 lofts - 6th, 23rd, 36th, 75th, 87th, 91st, etc
-- e) Hudson County 1 Bird Derby - 350 Miles, 14 p./14 lofts - 2nd
-- f) PAOF Band Race - 350 Miles, 988 p./78 lofts - 25th, 52th, 80th, 122nd, 123rd, etc
--g) PAOF 1 Bird Derby - 350 Miles, 24 p./24 lofts - 1st
The 6 main pigeon strains or bloodlines at Maydis Loft are:
Dirk Van Den Bulck (Goede Rode, Olympic Rosita, Kittel, Greipel)
Ludo Claessen/Albert Derwa (winning lines)
Hardy Kruger (Black Pearl / Black Power)
Staf Van Reet (Red Danial)
Dirk Van Dyck (Kannibaal)
Thomas 6 (New addition)
Other cocks ♂️ and hens ♀️: inbred MonaLisa, Wolverine, Hebberecht & Ganus, Van Den Pasch, Arie Dijkstra/Meuleman, Alfons Klaas, Sun City, Black Widow, Fabry, Tiger Grizzles off of imported cock from Frank Scherens & Louis Vangramberen descendant of "Le Pietrain"!
To find out about any information and events going on at Maydis Loft, including race results, season results, pigeons for sale, ongoing auctions, check on pedigrees, check on my Breeding Pigeons, etc. please go to
To get in touch with me please email me at

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