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Dovital uw gezondheid- en vitaliteitbevorderende producten
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Henrik Brinkmann (DE)
Youngsters from the best breeders
Through the purchase of several highly valued pigeons, Henrik is realizing his dream of building a super colony for One Loft Races. Herein, the bloodlines of Prince Porsche (PEC) and Best Kittel (PIPA Breeding) play a large role, in addition to a/o valuable breeders via Tom Van Gaver. In 2022, Henrik won the Final of the Victoria Falls OLR 2022 and with Ice Prince I & II, he houses the breeders of the 8th-10th-27th-39th Ace Pigeon Pattaya OLR 2022. He offers a selection of young birds from his best breeders on PIPA!

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