Cases of Human Immortals

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Over the centuries numerous people are said to have achieved immortality. These are cases from distant past to present day, of those individuals who refused to pass away.

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Following are excerpts from an article by Brian Molinari at listverse dot com, entitled "10 Lesser-Known Cases Of People Who Tried To Achieve Immortality".

It is a well-known fact that the ancient Chinese emperors often developed a strong desire to live forever. Fearing that their lives would end abruptly and that their dynasties would disappear, these rulers were able to risk everything trying to achieve eternal youth. For example, the first emperor of China, Qin Shi Huang, believed that a mercury-based drink was the key to becoming immortal, so he consumed it regularly. But he was not the only case, and other emperors went even farther—too far, actually.

In AD 361, Emperor Mu of the Eastern Jin dynasty passed without heirs, so his cousin Sima Pi became the new ruler, receiving the title of Emperor Ai. Sima Pi was a great believer in the Daoist spiritual philosophy, one of the oldest in the world, and that was when he began to obsess over the idea of immortality. So he had magicians develop a chemical formula that would give him eternal life. In 364 AD, the magicians gave Sima Pi the result, the “lozenge of immortality,” and the emperor did not hesitate to ingest it.[2]

After taking the lozenge, Emperor Ai became ill, so he had to leave his position as ruler after only three years on the throne. In a great irony, Sima Pi finally passed one year later in AD 365, at the young age of 24. His obsession with living eternally ended up shortening his time on earth. As he also left no heirs to the throne, his brother Sima Yi became the new emperor of the Jin dynasty.

Cryonics is defined as a scientific technique in which a person’s body is frozen at extremely low temperatures. This procedure has the objective of preserving the individual for decades or centuries until science in the future can revive them. Cryopreserving a person involves filling the body with chemicals that prevent the formation of ice so that all organs—including the brain—remain intact in the extreme cold. The freezing of the human body without harmful formation of ice is a process labeled vitrification.

Fereidoun M. Esfandiary was a futuristic visionary born in Belgium in 1930. During his early years, he moved through several European countries and studied at universities and colleges from England to Jerusalem. He even participated in the 1948 Olympic Games. But after moving to the United States in the 1950s, Esfandiary embraced his career as a writer and philosopher, speculating on the changes that human civilization would undergo in the future. He was a firm believer in transhumanism, the idea that with technology, humans will eventually solve all their problems, including the ultimate one. This way of thinking gave him recognition and allowed him to work as a consultant and lecturer in many American institutions and universities.

That was when F.M. Esfandiary decided to change his name to FM-2030. The second part of his new name is the year in which he believed that humankind would finally achieve immortality. In addition, in 2030, he would be 100 years old. However, FM-2030 suffered an abrupt end in 2000, when he passed of pancreatic cancer. But by that point, he had already devised a way to not miss the future. Quickly, the Alcor Life Extension Foundation took care of FM-2030 and cryopreserved part of him—just above his neck, to be more specific.

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