Champion Fancier Racing Pigeons - Joe Allocca [Young Birds Specialist] New Jersey, USA

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Loft Visit and Interview with Champion Fancier Racing Pigeons Joe Allocca, who specializes in Young Birds. Joe has been racing pigeons since he was 14 and he tells us about his journey. He has won some of the most prestigious races in the NJ / NY area. Don't miss a brief summary of some of his special races at the very end of the video!
Remember, fly'em with Purpose!
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00:30 How Joe Allocca started with pigeons
03:12 Racing Pigeons journey
09:30 Medication and Supplements
11:14 Biggest breakthrough - grits
13:41 Natural super health is key
14:47 What's it like Racing Pigeons in the CJC
17:37 Joe's family of racing pigeons
24:04 Why Joe did a complete sell out in 2021
25:46 New partnership in racing pigeons
28:16 How Joe has been able to win
31:35 Form in the loft
33:00 Observation is key
33:34 Joe's Young Birds System
36:19 Record keeping
38:40 Young Bird development
39:43 Cooper Hawks, Falcons, Ospreys
41:22 Training and importance of breaking
46:37 Motivation of Young Birds
50:33 Will Joe breed pigeons again
52:44 Joe's loft setup
56:47 How to get more people to join the sport
1:00:50 Recommendation for new comers
1:03:08 Recipe for success
1:04:50 Mentorship and help from a club
1:10:00 Conclusion
1:11:26 Some of Joe's racing results
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