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Dovital uw gezondheid- en vitaliteitbevorderende producten
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Chris Hebberecht (BE)
Youngsters from the best breeders
Chris Hebberecht is a living legend from Belgian pigeon sport. The Hebberecht colony has performed at the highest level for more than 50 years, focussing on long distance and extreme long distance racing. Besides countless National and International highlights on his own lofts, these pigeons have shown to excel around the world. Those who strengthened their lofts with this stock, lifted their performances to a high level. In 2022, fellow fanciers won a/o 3rd - 3rd and 4th National with descendants of Hebberecht pigeons. Chris himself had a fantastic season in the tough long distance season of 2022. From his phenomenal breeding team he now offers a selection of youngsters, a/o children from De Marseille, 1st Nat. Marseille ... from Lord, 1st Belgian Agen pigeon 2015-2018 ... Jempy, father of 1st Nat. Ace Pigeon KBDB Ike ... and as the auction highlight from super racer Nelson, winner of several National top results!

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