Cory Hageman: Bodybuilding Naturally vs. Enhanced

Dovital uw gezondheid- en vitaliteitbevorderende producten
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Competing, hormones, PED’s, protocols & modalities. Unnatural or natural, male or female… Saying Corey is articulate and well-versed is a huge understatement. Highly accomplished IFBB Pro, Coach, educator on PED’s and competing in bodybuilding. She gets into the nitty gritty
I enjoy that we have a similar purpose behind what we do… We believe PED's shouldn't be swept under the rug due to the dangers associated. If you’re gonna do it anyways, at least be informed - and hopefully in a way where health and longevity isn't shoved under the rug

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00:00:00 - Teaser & Intro
00:01:00 - Horsemeet's new music as an EDM DJ
00:02:10 - Are you Asian?
00:03:20 - “23andMe”
00:07:03 - Bad message
00:09:34 - Before & After gear
00:10:38 - “Low end of Male Territory”
00:13:40 - Symptoms of Gynecomastia
00:17:39 - Anavar for Women
00:21:03 - When is it sensible to use PEDs?
00:24:52 - Fear of needles
00:25:29 - Tattoo artist
00:36:26 - Variance & Emotional Stability
00:42:46 - Self awareness
00:44:17 - How did you start out?
00:48:11 - Competitions & High School
00:51:43 - Bulking & fat
00:56:01 - Bulking for female athletes
01:02:50 - What are the worst things you’ve seen in coaching?
01:04:52 - Multitasking
01:06:04 - How does bodybuilding affect relationships?
01:14:09 - PED & Mental Health
01:19:24 - Q & A
01:24:01 - TRT vs Peptides vs HGH vs Antibiotics
01:33:38 - Do you increase calories on a cycle?
01:39:14 - “Orange Tan”
01:45:30 - Favorite way to splurge on an off-season
01:46:16 - Dark Secrets of the women side competing
01:47:11 - Bikini body without steroids & Recovery
01:50:56 - Last question

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