Cyril Maury and JulianGopffarth: From immersion to impact

Dovital uw gezondheid- en vitaliteitbevorderende producten
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Apply Club Health presents:

From immersion to impact: How to ensure patient-centric data leads to patient-centric decisions within large health organisations

One of the primary challenges encountered by anthropologists in the healthcare sector is the translation of patient-centric data into actionable client decisions that genuinely enhance patient outcomes. This presentation explores challenges and strategies that enable close client engagement throughout the research process, spanning from revisiting existing client knowledge to immersive fieldwork and collaborative insight activation. By emphasizing the importance of this engagement, we highlight how ethnographic patient insights can profoundly influence the decision-making processes of client organizations and, consequently, improve the real-life experiences of patients.

Cyril Maury, Partner, Stripe Partners
Cyril is a seasoned strategy and innovation practitioner, whose expertise centres on helping companies develop new business models to unlock growth opportunities. Having lived in Latin America and the Middle-East, he particularly enjoys untangling the operational, organisational and cultural complexities inherent in expansion in emerging markets. Prior to joining Stripe Partners, Cyril spent most of his career in strategy consulting, first at Capgemini Invent and then at Claro Partners.

Julian Gopffarth, Senior Consultant, Stripe Partners
Since joining Stripe Partners, Julian has gained extensive experience in leading ethnographic research projects that closely involve clients. He has worked across several sectors, including media, retail, and digital. Most recently, he has focused on healthcare, leading projects on Haemophilia and early-onset Alzheimer’s. Prior to working for Stripe Partners, he completed a PhD in political anthropology and worked as a researcher for the European Parliament.


The talk is hosted by the Apply Club Health: a community for those interested in finding solutions to improve health and healthcare by employing an applied anthropology perspective. It provides an open space to talk, meet, network and exchange ideas, best practices, resources and opportunities. AC Health is part of the Applied Anthropology Network.

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