Discover the science behind the perfect pigeon feather grooming routine and cold and hot baths

Dovital uw gezondheid- en vitaliteitbevorderende producten
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Amanda Bosher Fonti (austraila)

top racing loft some of my back ground videos are from
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Welcome to the Racing Pigeons channel I'm an experienced pigeon racer who wants to share my knowledge about this fascinating hobby. On this channel, you'll find tips and advice for breeding, training, and caring for racing pigeons so you can have a successful and rewarding pigeon racing experience.

I'll cover topics like selecting the right pigeon breed, setting up the ideal loft, feeding and nutrition, training methods, health and first aid, preparing for races, and more. You'll learn insider techniques for motivating your birds, building their endurance and speed, and getting them race-ready.

Through detailed instructional videos and interviews with other expert pigeon racers, I'll provide you with the information you need to thrive in pigeon racing. Whether you're just starting out or looking to improve your skills, you'll find this channel helpful and entertaining.

So if you're interested in pigeon racing, be sure to subscribe and check back often for new tips and advice. I'm looking forward to sharing my passion for this sport and helping others to succeed. Let me know in the comments what pigeon racing topics you want me to cover. Enjoy the channel!
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