Episode 14: From Rollers to Racers: Champion Breeding with Vernon "Sparky" Axle

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Join us for an enthralling episode of Talking Pigeons as we explore the transition from roller pigeons to racing pigeons with Vernon "Sparky" Axle. In this captivating conversation, Sparky shares his journey of passion and dedication in pigeon racing, culminating in his remarkable achievements as a champion fancier.

Sparky's journey from the world of roller pigeons to racing pigeons is a testament to his adaptability and expertise across different facets of the pigeon fancying world. Having made history as the World Champion in the sport of roller pigeons in 2016, utilizing Birmingham Roller pigeons, Sparky now applies his skills and knowledge to the world of racing pigeons.

Listeners will gain valuable insights into Sparky's transition process, as he discusses the similarities and differences between roller pigeons and racing pigeons. His strategic breeding methods and keen eye for quality have enabled him to excel in both disciplines, demonstrating the universal principles of success in pigeon racing.

Moreover, Sparky's commitment to continuous improvement and his willingness to explore new bloodlines underscore the dynamic nature of pigeon racing and the endless possibilities for innovation within the hobby.

Whether you're a seasoned fancier or a newcomer to the world of pigeon racing, this episode of Talking Pigeons with Vernon "Sparky" Axle promises to inspire and inform. Tune in as we delve into the fascinating world of pigeon breeding and discover the secrets behind breeding champions, from rollers to racers.
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