Europigeons introduce to you racing pigeon: NL.19-1601695 "Red Ron"

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NL.19-1601695 "Red Ron" one of our trump cards for Barcelona 2023. At his first Barcelona race in 2022 he won 225 National against 4905 pigeons.

Looking at his pedigree, we have good hopes he can do even better in 2023. His mother NL.15-1614024 "Lady Barca" was the best Barcelona pigeons over 2 years in the Netherlands (2019/2020). She won 42nd National Barcelona against 4477 pigeons and 60th National Barcelona against 4129 pigeons...

The grandmother of this super red Barcelona racer is NL.14-1865001 "Blue Barca" she raced Barcelona 3x and won 38th National gainst 3912 pigeons, 218th National against 4129 pigeons and 595th National against 5239 pigeons.

Reading all this, I sure you understand that we have high hopes for "Red Ron" at the 2023 Barcelona race... Subscribe to our channel today, hit the bell, so you never miss a video from us again...

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