Everything Equal, Select This Racing Pigeon

Dovital uw gezondheid- en vitaliteitbevorderende producten
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Two solid colored racing pigeons with no white flights or specks. Select this one every time and your chances for a champion breeder goes up drastically.

When I was a kid I noticed everything about each pigeon. My top breeders, one a mealy and one a check had all white toe nails and none of the others had white toe nails. In the 1980's I was reading the book 'The Elite' and Gommaire Verbruggen the famous Belgian stated the more often than not a champion racer or breeder had one of more white toe nails. The pigeon must be solid colored. with not white at all.

I asked Verbruggen about this when I visited in the early 90's and he showed me his champions with white toe nails. I have had many super breeders with black toe nails also but some of the best ever had white. Why? Not really sure.
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