' Fabiola ' Superb Quality Racing Pigeon Of Team BDS For Sale In Pipa Pigeons Paradise Auction

Dovital uw gezondheid- en vitaliteitbevorderende producten
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Team BDS (BE)
All old birds from 2021 and older + youngsters from special pairs
Exactly 11 years ago, Dirk Speybroeck, Dr. Piet Blancke and Bart Declerck decided to join forces as Team BDS. Through phenomenal performances on provincial and national heavy middle distance races – including provincial and zonal victories – they worked towards their absolute highlight; winning 1st National Agen against 4,405 old birds (fastest of 9,740 pigeons) and 1st International Agen against 4,269 hens in 2017. From 2018 onwards, their focus was on long distance racing (500-800km), with exceptional achievements as a result! Icons such as Double Kaasboer, Lady Agen, Lady Narbonne, Ace Verschoot, Silver Monty and Bronze Aurillac became renowned names throughout pigeon sport.


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