Flying Pigeon Bird Simulator Android Gameplay

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Take to the skies as a pigeon and soar above the cityscape, dodging obstacles and collecting food along the way. With intuitive Flying Pigeon bird simulator game controls and realistic physics, you'll feel like you're flying through the air. In the Flying pigeon bird simulator game, you'll navigate through vibrant landscapes, including bustling cityscapes, serene forests, and picturesque coastlines. Soar high above towering skyscrapers, gracefully glide through narrow alleyways, and dive precisely to snatch up delectable morsels along your flight path.
As a pigeon in a pigeon flight game, you'll encounter various challenges and missions that put your flying skills to the test. While playing the Flying Pigeon bird simulator Evade cunning predators, navigate through treacherous weather conditions, and navigate intricate aerial obstacle courses. In the pigeon game collect feathers and valuable items along the way to unlock special abilities and enhance your pigeon's attributes.
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