Gaby Vandenabeele world famous racing pigeon legendary “Rudy”

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Gaby Vandenabeele
famous racing pigeon “Rudy”
Rudy is the top breeder and racer of the famous Belgian Gaby Vandenabeele. His ring number is BE06-3008003. He is the son of Gaby’s signature breeding sire “Bliksem” and won the 28th Argenton against 5134 pigeons. After winning several prizes, Rudi's son "Super Romeo B12-3088052" won the National Ace Pigeon KBDB Long Distance Yearlings, and Rudi also bred his son "New Bliksem B13-3056024" which won the National Championship from Tulle, Belgium in 2014. Rudi won the first prize against 5,735 yearlings, and his grandson "Prince Rudi B14-3028072" won the national first prize in Limoges in 2015 against 6,275 pigeons. He achieved the highest score of 14,576 pigeons in Limoges and has won the championship for generations. From this we can see that "Rudy “It is indeed a rare and valuable super breeding pigeon with strong and high-quality genetics.
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