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Gerard Koopman Skyview - professional pigeon racing

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Skyview Gerard Koopman - Dutch pigeon racing champion
Already long ago Gerard dreamt of buying a farm and set it up optimally for homing pigeons. For many years he searched for such a hidden treasure in the near surroundings of Nieuw Amsterdam and than, in the middle Nineties, he found what he was looking for. Not far from his home base a small farm was purchased in the hamlet Ermerveen. After two years of hard labour almost all was adjusted to the wishes of the master and the new pigeon lofts were integrated perfectly. Like this a picturesque place arose for Gerard.
In 1996 he moved in to his new domicile and the pigeons moved with him from Nieuw Amsterdam to Ermerveen. First the racers and later, one by one, the breeders too.

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