Get to know John Debaene: winner of International Perpignan 2019!

Dovital uw gezondheid- en vitaliteitbevorderende producten
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By translating his passion for long-distance racing into actions, John Debaene, at the early stages of his career in 2019, already clinched the 1st International Perpignan and 2nd National Agen titles! This dazzling start has been followed by new top rankings in recent years. The foundation of his pigeon colony includes birds from the legendary Noël Peiren; John is doing his utmost to follow in the footsteps of this superman. In the auction, you'll find five brilliant pigeons, including offspring from the 1st Int. Perpignan 2019, Magic Perpignan, the 2nd Nat. Agen winner, Magic Agen, and the 2023 Perpignan National top 10 winners, Bertus and Marie Henrie. In short; it's the very best that John Debaene possesses.

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