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Dovital uw gezondheid- en vitaliteitbevorderende producten
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Gino Clicque (BE)
Youngsters from the best breeders & racers
The collection of National Ace Pigeons, National winners and Zonal/Provincial stars of Gino Clicque is immense. Pigeons such as Piraat, Super Prince, Golden Prince and Prince Rudy have a legendary status that reaches far beyond the Belgian border. New generations of National Ace Pigeons brought Gino back to the top after his auctions of the past years. The most noteworthy achievements in 2022 are the 1st Int. Agen Yearlings against 16,932 p. and 1st Fastest Libourne against 6,309 p. In auction, are children from the best racing and breeding pigeons. Auction highlights include children of 1st Nat. KBDB Ace Pigeon Golden King and Golden Princes, 2nd Nat. KBDB Ace Pigeons New Piraat and Silver Olympic and 1st (Inter)national winners Mario and Gabriella.


Son Silver Olympic 079
2. NAT. ACE KBDB X 1. NAT ACE KBDB! From Silver Olympic x Golden Princess
PIPA Exclusive
Bred by:
Gino Clicque
Offered by: Gino Clicque
Bidding ends 11 Dec 16:30
1 900 EUR
Latest bid by The 204

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