Dovital uw gezondheid- en vitaliteitbevorderende producten
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"NO SWEAT" world famed racing pigeon fancier, Kentucky author and archaeologist, hits another home run with this video. Sit back----- -see and learn----- about the most beautiful, superior long- distance racing pigeons which have ever existed. The family of racing pigeons now known as, THE NO SWEAT SIONS. No Sweat takes us on a near-magical journey, educating us about the role pigeons played in helping Charles Darwin to create, ORIGIN OF THE SPECIES. Earl Lowell "ROBBIE " / "NO SWEAT ROBBINS, Jr., has won over 1,100 first places with racing pigeons at all levels of competition. He is now approaching his 65th year with them. NO other fancier in America's history has set the records he has done at combined long distance racing, showing and creating articles, both fiction and non. This man who has devoted his life to racing pigeons remains as passionate about them today as he has ever been. He is much an And independent thinker and remains America's Fort Knox when it comes to racing pigeons.
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