Help me Stop the Steal! YouTube Pigeon Creators are Stealing my Content.

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Please help me find the Racing Pigeon YouTube Creators that are using my content. Put a link in the comments to one of my copied videos. For every link you provide on my content being used by another YouTube Creator, you will go into a drawing to win a super racing pigeon. I will run this until until early February 2024. Many have sent me links to others copying my videos and I appreciate this. All my videos are original so help look for others copying my videos on pigeons.

Please watch some of my videos below for more information on how to make this game much easier.

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Please see:

Frank Tells All.. Make this Pigeon Game Easy.

Educating Young birds. Secrets your competitors do not want you to know:

Secret to Training and Feeding Young birds:

Master Feeding and you Master Racing:

Dominate Racing. Our Natural Health Program:

Dark System Explained: Mistakes and Secrets:
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