Henrik Brinkmann compares the pigeon sport with horse sport

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Henrik Brinkmann: top pigeon breeder (he won a.o. 1 final VFWCPR with his Little Finn) but also top horse breeder ????! We asked him the question: can you compare the horse sport with the pigeon sport? ????

Arguably the strongest One Loft Race colony at the moment belongs to Henrik Brinkmann. Brinkmann's pigeons excel everywhere in the world, under all circumstances. Little Finn gained fame with the 1st place in the final of the Victoria Falls OLR... Another highlight followed when Olympic Little Junior was crowned the best OLR pigeon at the Olympiad in Maastricht, winning the Olympiade Grand Prix category with 2nd prize in the final, 2nd prize in the Hot Spot race, and 2nd place as ace pigeon in the AS Golden OLR 2023.

More info: www.pipa.be
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