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Homing Pigeons in France during WWI 1918

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Identifier: 2013.187.02

Description: Script as follows: Pigeons in the air for exercise; Langres, Haute-Marne, France, Augist 16, 1918. Pigeon Lorries at the pigeon farm; Maucouleurs, Meuse, France, July 22, 1918, Activities at at U.S. Army Pigeon Farm. Feeding Time for the pigeons. After feed is properly mixed it is deposited in the lorries. Pigeons flocking home at meal time; Langres, Haute-Marne, France, Augist 16, 1918 A U.S. Pigeon farm. same scene as above; Vaucouleurs, Meuse, France, July 22, 1918 Pigeons enjoying a bounteous meal in their home lorry; Langres, France, April 25, 1918 The various stages in raising pigeons by the pigeon liaison service. setting on the eggs, three days old birds, seven days, ten days, fourteen days old, at this age the identification tags are placed on their legs. Pigeons enjoy regular tri-weekly bath. Removing a canker from a wing of a pigeon named Woodrow Wilson. Domptail, France, September 2, 1918, Sgt. George CAllis, 111th regiment French Army and Corporal Hastings training war birds. Bertichamps, France, September 2, 1918 rreleasing a batch of pigeons for their primary flight. Vacqueville, France, September 2, 1918 releasing a batch of pigeons for their flight to the division loft. Releasing young pigeons to acquaint them with the loft. Domptail, France, August 27, 1918, relief pigeons going to the font from the division loft. Trained relief pigeons which are kept in the trenches for three days are then sent back for six days to rest. A trailed car in which pigeons are carried to the front. A Motorcycle rider arriving at the pigeon farm with an empty basket for more pigeons to be taken to the front lines. La Tour, France February 28, 1918, pigeons to be used for carrying messages from the front line to portable loft or trailer which can be attached to an automobile and placed anywhere best suited to conditions. Menil la tour, France, March 6, 1918 pigeons arriving at a portable loft. Chassemy France, February 17, 1918 like well trained soldiers homing pigeons return to the loft after a flight. examining a message brought in by a pigeon from the front. Taking pigeons from the lorry and placing them in baskets for transportation to the front lines. Motorcycle rider leaving with a load of pigeons. Motorcycle rider battalion headquarters with a load of pigeons going to the front. Fort Lucey, France, August 11, 1918 dispatching a message to headquarters. Protecting pigeons during a gas attack.

Creator: United States Army
MARC Geographic Areas France (fr)

Extent: (quantity/size) 9min 52sec
Media: Moving Images; 16mm Film; AVI 1920X1080 29.97 FRAME RATE

Subjects: Pigeons / World War, 1914-1918

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