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How to pair up pigeons - Successful Breeding Tips of high flying Pigeons

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Things to consider when you are breeding your pigeons

For systems such a intensive line breeding and intensive inbreeding, If you are breeding with a strategy and not by chance the art of pairing up is essential.

When you are breeding your pigeons it is a proven fact that using a younger cock and an older hen will often times get better results when it comes to getting good results. Although it has also been shown that an older cock and younger hens also get good results.

I also recommend you guys to cross with hot and blod, get good results.

For more details on how to pair up pigeons please visit this link.

Kamager Nelay pigeons plus dab walay pigeon madi best how to pairing up for good breed. You guys will love it

100 % Resulted pigeons

Things to consider when breeding your pigeons.

So many people have question how to pairing up pigeons for good result from next breed.

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watch this video to get more info: on how to pairing your pigeons.

If you guys have any question feel free to ask and comment, please dont forget to like and share this video.

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