how to pair up racing pigeons

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The first rule I apply when pairing is a simple one BEST to BEST, and here I'm referring to the fact
that I will pair champion pigeons together related to the DISTANCES they can fly.
For example, I would pair a speed champion cock to a speed champion hen
a middle-distance cock with a middle-distance hen
a long-distance cock with a long-distance hen
a marathon distance cock with a marathon distance hen...
I would never pair a marathon distance cock with a speed distance hen unless I would not have other choice ...why?
(Because I believe that a 200 km bird could never fly 1400 km ...and if it would the results it would be really bad...
it's like the human athlete ...a men who take a good result at 200m will have a poor result at 10.000 m- guaranteed
(they just cannot do it) ...simple as that
There is one very important thing I take in consideration when pairing my pigeons
which saved me a lot of time, money and sleepless nights and that is

.... THEIR is what I mean by that.
In order for you to understand this you have to realize that neither you, me or anybody else in this world
will not be able to make a pigeon Smarter or Clever
that he is already...BUT ...WHAT WE CAN DO IS... trying to achieve the perfect BALANCE of the young ones
(I ' m talking about the physical side of the bird) pairing their parents taking in consideration their SIZE...
I'm going to give you an example so you can better understand what I mean ...
1) When you pair a small cock with a small hen there is a 90% chance, you'll get 2 small size youngsters.
2)When you pair a medium size cock with a medium size hen - 90% medium
3) When you pair a big size cock with a big size hen - 90% big
Question .... what do you get if you pair a small size cock with a big size hen?
...You have 90% chances to get young Off Balance...
Just think to their wing size - the youngster could have his father`s size -(small)
and his mother`s wings - (big)
or he could have his mother`s size (big) and his father’s wings -(small)
I hope you get the picture ...... just think about it
There are other things you can do to increase your chances in getting the best out of your breeders...
you can take 4 eggs out of each pair and then change the pair.
You can also change the pairs after the first4 eggs putting together the champion racer ...with an already proven breeder.
Both these practices have given me and lots more others good results....
The time will pass quickly, your young birds have arrived to take part in their first race ...
IT`S time to see how good your breeders are. it’s a big moment ...
Out of 50 you have lost only three -excellent ...but wait ... you need to wait until the last race ...
only then you can draw the line ...and see who has done what.
If say out of two young's you are left with two its Excellent
If out of two young you are left with one it's OK.
If out of two you are left with none - You should have changed the pairs after the 4 the egg ...
Ok my friend ...pair wisely ...and all the best
Oh more thing...If one pair would give good results with their youngsters
would you change it next year???
Racing pigeons is not a fixed science and if you try something different as in pairing,
might give you even better results ...that is the beauty of it ...

I hope the above has given you some ideas just don't go and pair any pigeon together think about it first

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