How To Save Your Brain From The Dangers Of Stress & Anxiety - Mo Gawdat

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Mo Gawdat is an entrepreneur, former Chief Business Officer at Google, and an author.

We often experience stress without knowing where it's coming from. Although we feel overwhelmed, we struggle to pinpoint the source. So how should we go about assessing our lives and reducing our stress?

Expect to learn why the modern world is so stressful for young people, what Mo means when he says young people are comfortably numb, how to assess stress and where it is probably coming from, the things you’re not aware of which cause emotional stress, the most important habits you should implement if you want to become peaceful and much more...


00:00 Why is the Modern World So Stressful?
09:19 Becoming Numb to Emotions
13:29 Different Responses to Stress
20:21 What Stress Does to Our Bodies
28:19 Removing Unnecessary Suffering
35:01 Tips to Build a Gratitude Routine
40:25 Knowing When to Slow Down
47:10 The Hidden Causes of Emotional Stress
59:16 Commonalities in the Happiest People
1:05:18 The Role of Physical Stress
1:13:39 What Does Spiritual Stress Mean?
1:22:21 Advice to Those Who Don’t Want to Change
1:26:45 Where to Find Mo


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