JEF | The ace bird | B 16-2051063 | Top Racing Pigeon

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This is Jef, the International winner Barcelona 2019. He has the same as the son of Nikolaas, Jef. The day that he won Barcelona, it was a very hard race. wind on the head. I think 900 meters The first pigeons. we saw that he was on the pipa site.
We saw the first pigeon in Belgium. we thought Wow. That is the pigeon We must have good results on such a hard race. it must be a super pigeon. And I know the brothers, jeroen and stijn rans from the years before also. And I know this pigeon was a very good pigeon before he won Barcelona, all the races before, like last year, he was ace pigeon in the federation by jeroen and stijn rans. he has a good result on st.vincent and perpignan. today, I try to pair with kleine jade
Small pigeon closed bones, very soft feathers and the blue one with two white feathers and a very good condition. Also, after Barcelona, he was the winner of the day.
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