Jelle Roziers racing pigeon : Mastering Pigeon Racing with Unmatched Skill and Dedication .

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Part 1: Presentation of Jelle Roziers .
Discover the remarkable journey of Jelle Roziers and his tandem mate Mr. Xiang during the 2022 season. Learn about their success with old birds and yearlings, including the achievements of “Pullman,” the 1st National Ace pigeon in the long-distance old category of the KBDB.

Part 2: How Jelle Roziers Prepares His Pigeons for Races
Get an inside look at Jelle’s meticulous training methods, including the rigorous schedules and unique strategies that ensure his pigeons perform at their best.

Part 3: Best Pigeons from Jelle Roziers
Meet some of Jelle’s top-performing pigeons, including the exceptional “Pullman” and his award-winning yearlings.

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