KBDB National Pigeon Race 2024: Meet the Winners Team Hooymans & Dockx Leo & Gerry!

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pigeon auction best racing pigeon content ! In this video, we bring you an exciting update from the prestigious KBDB National Pigeon Race 2024.

Watch as we announce the winners in both the Old Birds and Yearlings categories. Team Hooymans.be from Mol clinched the top spot in the Old Birds category with an impressive average velocity of 1359.73 meters per minute over 575.572 kilometers. In the Yearlings category, Dockx Leo & Gerry from Koningshooikt emerged victorious, clocking an average velocity of 1350.16 meters per minute over 548.256 kilometers.

Key Highlights:

Organized by KBDB
Categories: Old Birds and Yearlings
Basketting Date: June 6, 2024
Liberation Date: June 8, 2024
Total Pigeons Basketed: 34,213 (16,547 Old Birds, 17,666 Yearlings)
Don't miss out on this thrilling update and join us in celebrating the remarkable achievements of these champion pigeons and their dedicated teams.

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information from :
herbots official website : https://www.herbots.be/en/article/dockx-leo-gerry-koningshooikt-1st-nat-argenton#/
pipa racing pigeon website : https://www.pipa.be/en/races/argenton-i-2024

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