Kleine Jade: Barcelona winner and top OLR breeder

Dovital uw gezondheid- en vitaliteitbevorderende producten
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"When the weather gets challenging, they come to the front." Jelle Jellema explains that his Kleine Jade (Barcelona winner of 2014) gives also a lot of OLR success! ????

The auction of the complete Jelle Jellema breeding team and racers from 2020 and older, brings some unique quality on the market! Jelle Jellema is without doubt the most successful extreme long distance fancier of the past years. World-wide, fanciers are successful with the Jellema pigeons. From One Loft Racing to international extreme long distance classics. In auction, a sensational collection of long distance pigeons, including national winners, (inter-)national Top 10 winners, children of Kleine Jade, Silke, Silvie, Rena and all other famous Jellema stars, will be on offer.

More info: www.pipa.be
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