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Los Campiones de la Colombofila son de Sagua

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Toegevoegd by Marvin Sanders in Engels
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Yanil Garcia explains why so many of the top pigeon racers of Cuban decent have done so well in the Racing Pigeon clubs like Spring Hills GHC. They have a trait in common, their hometown Sagua La Grande, Cuba and its nearby towns. Where Racing Homing Pigeons is culture and where the racing pigeon clubs are a school for the champions of the future. I would like to personally add that I have a lot of respect for this racing fancier. I had herd of his racing pigeon accomplishments in Cuba which he is so humble he goes as far as to deny this! Also I had seen him dominate the Tampa concourse in 2013, as far as 2014 he is also on top so far. However, when I first met him in person he would not dare bring up his accomplishments. Its this humble personality and love for the sport that has helped him do so well in the racing pigeon hobby. For me as a Cuban I consider my hometown of Camaguey to be a significant player on the Islands Pigeon racing. However, I have seen first hand that the guys from Sagua La Grande Have a secret they wont share with the rest of us! Yanil Garcia, from Calabazar De Sagua.

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