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Lost Racing Pigeon from Dec. 9th 2013 CHEATING World Ace Challenge

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The bird recovered quickly so I took her back to the World Ace Challenge loft to resume the final stages of competition! She did well in the 300 mile race.....Although "Vicki's Meteorite" (that's what I named her)did not end up finishing the 350 mile race, her owner ended up actually giving me his top bird that DID finish the ENTIRE race series. THAT cock pigeon finished the final 400 mile race in 62nd place and is now MINE. I just need a good hen now to breed him to... I think this cock did very well considering that the season started with over 1000 world class racing pigeons! I'm so grateful to his owner for such a nice pigeon! This is a sport with great, HONORABLE people in it and I'd love to get involved in competitive racing too! But, I'll need a good hen to breed this cock to first....If anyone out there in the one loft racing world wants to re-home a few exceptionally good hens( hens that placed in the top 50 in at least one race in a top 10 one loft race in the U.S.) then I'd love to have them!

******PS: After OFFICIALLY learning that this loft cheats the following year in 2014 I just want to say that this bird was found 10 miles directly NORTH of the loft which isn’t in line with where the birds were supposedly released. Also, this bird supposedly finished a 300 mile race after I took it back to the loft. There's no way in HELL that this bird could have done that in the shape it was in. I’m glad this loft was busted!!!!CHEATS!!!!!!!!! Here’s the PROOF!!! http://theloftreport.com/open-letter-about-world-ace-challenge-one-loft-race/ *******

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