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Luis Ochoa Loft Race #3 Hawk On The Landing Board

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Toegevoegd by Marvin Sanders in Engels
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This Pigeon Racing Video will have you on the edge of your seat, as pigeon after pigeon narrowly escapes the Hawk. At one moment the fancier puts himself between his birds and the hawk to protect his feathered friends. And a rookie mistake, one all pigeon racing fanciers should know, leaving the loft door open, lets the birds outside while the clock is open! Than finally, the Cuban theft pouter whose job it is to bring the pigeons back into the loft, decides its time to love on a bird that is just interested in rest. This has been the most uncomfortable video I have ever had to make, one of those races where everything the could go wrong, did go wrong. We are unsure why this hawk is so brave. All the fanciers can do is watch, and hope their little friends make it back inside safely. Usually racing pigeons are too fast for falcons or hawks, therefore while there is a small fancy pigeon and a pouter pigeon outside, both slow and easy to catch the hawk prefers to be insistent on the young homer or racing pigeons.

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