National and International Barcelona 2022 Winner | ALAIN DELHOVE - Belgium

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A fantastic Limoges with the shadow of his basic breeder, 'Son Zidane'

The race from Limoges II was held on the 08th of July. The pigeons were released in nice weather at 7 o'clock but the race took place under difficult conditions: the pigeons had to complete their race in scorching heat with the wind blowing from the NO-NW while the temperatures were just under 30 deges. You had to basket strong pigeons if you wanted to clock an early bird. Alain Delhove had basketed a relatively important team for this race, mostly composed of yearlings, since this was the last race before the final test of their season, Narbonne. When you take a look at the result, you can come to the conclusion that the team appears to be in great shape with 100% of prizes for the old pigeons (5/5) and a wonderful 23/28 (82% prize percentages):


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