Norbert & Stefan Ally present their national Cahors winner!

Dovital uw gezondheid- en vitaliteitbevorderende producten
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"This is a pigeon of which you will not say this is the nicest of the loft". Norbert & Stefan Ally present you 'De Cahors', the national winner of Cahors 2021 against 3.651 pigeons and a heavy north-northeast wind ????????.

For decades, the name Ally has been synonymous with top-level pigeon racing. After becoming National Champion KBDB in the great middle-distance category for young birds in 2022 thanks to some exceptional hens, the cocks performed at a remarkably high level as yearling widowers in 2023. It's the ultimate proof that good bloodlines never fail! In early 2021, Ally's magnificent collection of top racers and breeders was auctioned at PIPA, and a new group of breeders was introduced, all spending one year on the breeding loft (with one exception: De Cahors - 2 years). From this new breeding team comes a fantastic group of young pigeons now available in auction.

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