Nurturing And Training Racing Pigeons in America - The Pride Of The Winner | Farmer 4.0

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In the US, Thousands of pigeon farms with millions of racing pigeons are selectively bred with slim bodies, powerful wings and excellent flying ability. From the unique body structure to breeding with special care methods, contributing to improving their flying efficiency. Eye color and brain condition are also considered, with a light iris and clean brain being desirable characteristics. Racing pigeons must be in good health and physical condition, demonstrating agility, firm muscles combined with a highly appreciated perfect appearance. Breeders and breeders strive to improve the performance of racing pigeons by continually selecting birds that meet these standards, enhancing their ability to compete in racing competitions. They come to raising and training racing pigeons not only because of the economic value but also because of their passion and pride in the prestigious awards for breeders and trainers! #pigeons #pigeonsracing #pigeonsrace #pigeonstraning #nurturing #farming #agriculture #agrofind #farmers4.0
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