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Dovital uw gezondheid- en vitaliteitbevorderende producten
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Jos Thoné (BE)
Children from the best breeders & racers
Reaching the top is one thing, staying there is a second. However cliché this may be, many fanciers have had trouble staying at the top. Jos Thoné - with sons Xavier and Maxim - has successfully raced at the top of Belgian pigeon sport for decades. Every year, he manages new 1st Prizes in large competitions and top classifications at National and Provincial Ace Pigeon competitions. In auction on PIPA, the best from the Thoné lofts will be on offer. Children of racing and breeding star such as Figo James, Hulk x Konda, Kwain x Candira, Koen, Last Son Crow, Olympic Son, Frodo, Sacha, Pano x Sua, Kajo x Suske and Apollo x Lena will become available.

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